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TG15 & TG14 in London 2017: Our Travelogue

Big Ben klein

It is Saturday evening and we are waiting for our bus. There it comes, our bus to London. After the safety instructions from our nice bus driver Pascal, our journey can begin. The atmosphere in the bus is great and all of us are excited to go to London.

One stop of our journey is the ferry but unhappily it is dark and we cannot see a lot.

It is the next day in the morning. Welcome to London. After the short night, the first eyes are opening and we can see the streets of London. It is way too early to check into the hotel and so we are waiting that the hotel opens so we can lodge our luggage. The neighbourhood of the hotel is not that good. Nevertheless, the hotel itself is really nice. Without breakfast, we are going to a supermarket to buy something to eat. Then we are off to a little market where you can find different stuff. After that, we are off to the Tower Bridge where Mr Berger tells us something about it. On the way to the Bridge, all of us are tired because of the long and exhausting bus ride. However, the Tower Bridge is beautiful. We also go to the St. Catherine´s Docks along the Thames. At least it is finally evening and we can enter our rooms.

 London Eye


Good morning London. It´s breakfast time, a simple but good breakfast. After the breakfast, we are meeting in the “living room” of the hotel and we are discussing today and the following days’ plan. After that, we are off to the St. Paul´s Cathedral. A very big and impressive building. We are taking a group photo. It is a nice day. We are using that chance to visit the Borough Market, where we can look around and spend some of our free time. In the evening back at the hotel, we are celebrating the birthdays of two classmates. The atmosphere is great.

Tower Bridge              Picadilly


Now it´s the next morning after the long celebrating, all of us are tired. The birthday children get some present from the group. After that, we are going to watch the change of the guard near the Buckingham Palace. We are going to the Trafalgar square where Mr Berger is telling some information about this square. There we can spend our free time to go to eat something or to look at the Nationally Art Gallery. We are going again to the Buckingham Palace and to the Brixton market. In the evening, we are playing “Activity”.


Again good morning London. Slowly we are realising that the week ends. After our daily morning discussion, we are using the underground to go to China Town. There we are eating some Chinese food. We also go to the Piccadilly Circus. It is crowded there. After that, we are going to the Buckingham Palace again. The evening is coming and the day of going back home too.


Oh no, now it is the last day in London. We are having our last breakfast. It is time to check out and lodge our luggage so that we can look around a last time. The last time using the underground. Our goal is the British Museum; the museum houses a vast collection of world art and artefacts. It is a really big building. Our last free time in London. We can spend our time wherever we want to. After the free time we meet at the hotel to travel home. After one hour at the bus, we arrive the ferry. On the ferry, we see a beautiful sunset. But the rest of the bus trip is exhausting. In Bad Kreuznach, the bus driver wakes us up with a quiet voice. All of us are tired and happy to come home.

                                               By Viviane Naethbom and Alexander Jung-Wannemacher


All photos are taken by Mehtap Yurdakul